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Are you an online trainner or coach? Do you have tranning videos that you charge to view? Then protecting your video is important. With EmbedLocker we lock down your digital assets so that your hardwork doesn't get shared outside of your training platform.

How It Works!

Protecting your digital assets has never been easier!


Create your locker for all videos for your course.

Upload Video

Upload Your video and customize your player.

Lock down your video

Chose your locker to lockdown your video

Embed your video

Embed your video on any platform

Why EmbedLocker ?

EmbedLocker was developed by trainers for trainers. We get that time is important and more you can create without being bogged down is important.

Different Packages to Suit Every Need!

Each type of Package we provide is further optimized with unique
performance tweaks!

Semi Pro

  • $ 18/Month
  • 45 GB Storage
  • Converting Video
  • Video Protection
  • High Speed CDN


  • $ 47/Month
  • 75 GB Storage
  • Converting Video
  • Video Protection
  • High Speed CDN

Super Pro

  • $ 97/Month
  • 200 GB Storage
  • Converting Video
  • Video Protection
  • High Speed CDN

Frequently asked questions

YouTube is great for your FREE contact that helps build your brand. However, in a training platform, anyone with the link to the video even if it is "unlistes" can share your course videos with anyone.
YES! You can embed your video on any website you just need to make sure that your locker is the same name as the website it will be on such as : you do not need to add any extention embedlocker does that for you.
It is best to utalize a membership plateform such as CoachLynk or other training platforms. This way all of your content is in one location.
Yes, you can cantrol what your user experience will be like. By only having the "Play-Pause" feature makes sure the user is getting all of your content.